Adagio Surf

Adagio Surf first release is “Sleepless” out on Spotify [15 sep 2017]

What difference does it make?
A name
A face
A place
A nation
A skin
All this means nothing to me.
What is important, then?
To be part of the inconceivable
one-ness and difference.
I like retrowave music
‘80s synth, acoustic guitar
fading voices
recalling the sound of waves
The voice of the sea
During a late summer sunset
I like Surf, of course
Not, or not only, the physical, sporty side of it, but
Staring at the sea
Gazing at the endless horizon
Be a small part of it,
Embraced by water.
Adagio Surf is not someone playing the guitar on a beach in the sweet solitudo
It’s a tale
It will grow
Together with the music.
Enjoy the songs
Enjoy the sea
Enjoy the feelings
Adagio Surf.

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 Sleepless – Single